Targu Jiu Wins The 2015 Best City To Visit Tournament, Romania’s Third In A Row

craiova park lake

The 2015 Best City To Visit Travel Tournament was the one where the Romanians, whose city’s Sibiu and Craiova won in 2013 and 2014 respectively, looked most vulnerable. There was a very close call with Granada in the Final Four – had the local media campaign begun an hour earlier it’s likely Targu Jiu would have lost. Instead, Targu Jiu passed Granada by 3 votes and eventually Boston, to be named 2015’s Best City To Visit by you.

Same Country, Different Results

Although it’s the third Romanian win, three things still hold true about The Best City tournaments: no Champion city has ever won back to back contestsand no city has ever won the tournament twice. Finally, and most exciting for me, is that no city I have ever visited before has won. Since I always head to the winner of the best city contest before the year is up, I’m especially looking forward to planning my first trip to Targu Jiu some time in 2015.

2015 best city final bracket

Next Year’s Tournament Will Be A Big One

I’ve already have a few things in mind for the 2016 Best City To Visit Travel Tournament, including a big prize. You’ll have to wait until next February to find out the specific details.

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